Irish Council Of Social Workers In Adoption



List of ICSWA Training from 2022 to date

21/06/22 Helping Hands on the process involved in Intercountry Adoption and what is happening in Practice. 

20/09/22 Launch of New name ICSWA,
Presentation from Ann Marie Shier TU Dublin on Social Media Technology and Search and Reunion  Presentation from Julia Feast on Adoption Search and Reunion

20/10/22 Presentation By Nicola Morris on Alice Lister and her work as documented in the Mother and Baby Report and Niamh Brennan & Catherine Wright who are part of a group of local government archivists and record managers and gave an overview of the records currently held by the local authorities that may be accessed by Tusla and AAI re Tracing cases.

28/02/23 Birth mother and adopted person stories of reunion.

16/05/23 Presentation from Maurice Gleeson Genealogist on Revisiting DNA and Tracing.

28/06/23 Presentation from Caroline McGregor University of Galway on Use of Language and its impact on those who were in the care of the State.

19/10/23 Presentation By Sinead Whiting UCD on Outcomes for
children adopted from foster care.

02/11/23 Presentation By Donna Sheilds Belfast Trust on Reunification for adopted adults and Birth relatives. 

24/01/24 Eithne Ring Birth mothers Story of Reunion.

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