Information and Tracing Leaflets

Post Adoption Information Leaflets are a series of leaflets, produced by the CIAA, which give an overview of adoption in Ireland and provide information about the process of information and tracing in Ireland.

Post Adoption Information Leaflets: Adopted people 1-11 offer information and advice to adopted people who are considering searching for information about their background, tracing birth relatives, have been sought by birth relatives, and to those who may go on to have contact with birth family members.

Post Adoption Information Leaflets: Birth parent (s) 1-9 offer  information and advice to birth parents who are considering searching for their son or daughter, have been sought by their son or daughter, and to those who may go on to have contact with their son or daughter.

Post Adoption Information Leaflets: Adoptive parents 1-2 provide information for adoptive parents whose son or daughter may be thinking about searching for information or tracing a birth relative.

We are aware that the terms natural mother/natural father and birth mother/birth father are used to describe a mother/father who has placed a child for adoption. Our use of the term birth mother and birth father follows on the terms used in the Adoption Act 2010.

We would like to express our thanks to all adoption agencies for their input and advice on these leaflets and in particular to the social work, counselling and administrative staff who contributed to the final versions.

Grateful appreciation goes to Benevolent Society Australia who allowed us to use some of their material for this series of information leaflets.

We would like to acknowledge the contribution of Barnardos and previous members of CIAA who produced the original information and tracing leaflets some years ago.

We hope that you find these leaflets of use and benefit to you and we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have on any of the leaflets on this website.

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