Activities of the Council of Irish Adoption Agencies

  1. Representatives from all agencies are invited to Council meetings three times a year to examine and discuss best practice in adoption. Information is disseminated regarding ongoing development of adoption services and issues as arise and availability of relevant training.
  2. CIAA’s Executive Committee meets 4 times a year to review practice issues and developments and plan the organisation’s ongoing activities.
  3. Training for CIAA members. Workshops are held at least 3 times a year on adoption practice issues. There are plans to increase the number of these training days in the future which are very well attended by 35+ social work practitioners.
  4. Production of Post Adoption Information Leaflets which are available on CIAA website for adopted adults, birth parents and adoptive parents. The most recent leaflet publication is No10 on ‘Mothers who have placed more than one child for Adoption’. Resources are easily accessed and widely used.
  5. Making submissions on proposed legislative changes. A submission has been made to Department of Children & Youth Affairs on the proposed legislation for Information and Tracing and CIAA representatives have met with the Department. A second submission has now been made to Oireachtas on the proposed Information & Tracing Heads of Bill. We are presently reviewing the 2010 Adoption Act in order to make proposals for amendments to this legislation.
  6. Representatives of CIAA attended a meeting with Minister James O’Reilly re Commission of Investigation into Mother & Baby Homes.
  7. CIAA representation abroad at International Forum in Hague on Inter-country Adoption & Global Surrogacy.
  8. Representation of CIAA at other relevant bodies. CIAA representative on Executive of IASW.
  9. CIAA Attendance at AAI Training & Information Days.In 2014 a CIAA representative has attended all days run by the AAI on Information and Tracing: Medical issues: Changed Landscape of Inter-country Adoption; Domestic Adoption Guidelines.